Biography Colin Wright

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A brief CAD related biography of Colin Wright:

Born England 1938, lived in Australia since 1956, started using AutoCAD mid-eighties (Release 1).  Used AutoCAD virtually full-time as an architect specializing in documentation for nearly thirty years and Autolisp since its introduction and still using it.

Learned to issue AutoCAD commands entirely from the keyboard and never changed.  Found menus useful for learning command names and parameters but otherwise found picking in menus far too slow and also found the growing plethora of menus was wasteful of screen space and difficult to use when altered or too many.  The appearance of dialogue boxes made the learning of and the use of seldom used commands easier but also slower so by preference used command-line versions that also aided simpler and more keyboard-efficient Autolisp programming.

Created first tertiary public AutoCAD Course in Brisbane Queensland and later taught AutoCAD at University of Technology Queensland for several years.  Contributed to ISO/DIS 1356 Standard on Layer naming during public consultation stage.

Over a period of approx. twenty-five years progressively developed ACADUI into a sophisticated alternative AutoCAD user interface that uses an absolute minimum of keystrokes to commence and execute commands, provide an extensive range of enhanced commands and a complete semi-automatic set of layer commands including an ISO/DIS compliant naming system.

CAD manager of a large firm of architects for ten years. Still available for small projects and tutoring.