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Almost every CAD program includes a Layers feature simply because it is the single most useful aspect of CAD and every "Layers" tutorial that you will find on the web will advise the use of a Layer naming Standard.  But then the advice stops there because no one seems to have settled on a really workable standard.  Both the American and European standards try to be everything to everyone but succeed at being of little use to anyone in actual practice. But before I condemn international standards let me say that I strongly advocate the use of a standard.  Just not the ones proposed.

To get a good understanding of Layers got to then think about how a layer naming strategy can really help in drawing management.

In contrast to international layer naming standards ACADUI's layer scheme LAYERS-UI is a tried and proven way of naming and managing layers automatically that really works.  It also complies with the principles of both American and European layer Standards. Although complex in appearance it is astonishingly easy to understand and use.  Furthermore it allows automatic assignment of color and line-type to layers and automatic resolution of layers into Workzones. Neither of these features are available in any of the known published standards.