Multiple Drawing Types

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Workzones facilitate multiple drawing-types in one model:

In this tutorial you will see a model that contains several different drawing-types in a single model and learn how to separate the layers into into its component drawing-types.








Open the file \ACADUI\DWGS\Mole.dwg.

Press F11 to activate Tilemode 0 (paper space), L* to thaw and turn on all layers, ZE to Zoom Extents.

You should see the following:

Note the number of plot sheets in the single Layout.

QZ   Query workZones

Note the list of existing Workzones.  In particular note the range of drawing-types: 001, 002, 004, 008, 016, 032, 128 all related to P-B Plan Basement.

Look at the layer dialogue box to see the mnemonic codes of Dwgtypes for this project.


Thus if you wish to see Ceiling Plan:

LR <enter>  Layer Resolve

CP-B  Ceiling Plan Basement


Try other options for yourself. 

Zoom in QY <enter> to Query Layers to see how the layer names are constructed.

Press Y <enter> <enter> and experiment with the layer dialogue box to see how you can build a new layer from the current layer.

Draw a line to see that the correct color and line-type are assigned to the new layer.

Try making a new layer at the Command: line:  YM <enter> WAL 6 7 - 511 P 04 or whatever you like.  Note how you are progressively prompted for a correct input and what happens if you make a mistake

Note the correct color 6 magenta and line-type 7 dashed.

Have fun.