Object Snap

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Object SNAP options:

<:            bsp         undoes a command step


A             App

B             not used

C             Cen                      


E             End                      


G            General mid-point between two points

H            Ext – Hidden portion of line

I              Int                                       

J              mid-point between two end-points

K             Kwik       END, MID, INT, CEN, INS

kwik>>  right mouse button sets END,MID,INT,CEN, INS

L             paralleL

M           Mid                                     

N            Nea       

O            nOn                      


Q            Qua                      

R             not used

S             inS                        

T             Tan                      

U            Until meet line @ specified angle

V             not used

X             Xval        X value filtered from a point

Y             Yval        Y             “”

Z             Zval        Z             “”