System Variables

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Settings and System Variables:


Understanding system variables and settings:

AutoCAD uses several hundred system variables to store and manage the current working environment; for example when the command LAYER is used to set a layer to be current the AutoCAD system variable CLAYER is set to that layer. The value of CLAYER is used as the default layer until changed.   CLAYER is also the name of a separate command.  Enter the command CLAYER at the command prompt and you will be prompted for a new layer name.  Most AutoCAD system variables can be directly controlled by using the variable name as a command word.

AutoCAD system variables can be set either by using the related command e.g. "clayer" (Current Layer)  LAYER New or Set will change the current layer or the command CLAYER will set the current layer or by using Autolisp (setvar "clayer"  ?)

ACADUI uses AutoCAD system variables to control the drawing environment and also maintains its own collection of custom ACADUI variables to store settings specific to some ACADUI commands.  Typical of these is a variable that stores the value of UILAYERS’ current layer length i.e. 5 or 12 characters.

UIKEYS provides shortcuts for AutoCAD’s system variables and many of ACADUI's command settings.   These are distinguished by prefixing the regilar command acronym with an equals sign “=”. (set the vale = to something).

UIKEYS shortcuts for generic AutoCAD variables are usually two characters preceded by the “=” e.g. =GM GRIDMODE whereas ACADUI versions use single characters e.g. =G.  Many ACADUI single character commands are customized to cycle through predetermined selected values e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4.  Occasionally where an ACADUI version is not available the single character shortcut will start AutoCAD’s standard system variable command.

UIKEYS provides a global command “=”  for setting variables.  

Command: = <enter>

The following prompt is then presented:


Press the relevant capitalized character.

Refer to SYSVARS.XLS for a full list of variables.

UIKEYS shortcuts for some common variables:

In the list below command names in CAPITALS indicates the generic AutoCAD command.

=                            ACADUI settings

=A                          ACADUI Aperture

=AP                        AutoCAD APERTURE

=B                         ACADUI Blipmode

=BM                       AutoCAD BLIPMODE

=P                         ACADUI Pickbox

=PB                       AutoCAD PICKBOX

=DR                       Dim Rotation (not yet implemented)

=D%                      AutoCAD DIMSCALE

=D$                       AutoCAD DIMSTYLE

=E                         AutoCAD ELEVATION

=F                         Field (refer to UILAYERS)

=FC                                      Color

=FD                                      Dwg-type

=FI                                        view ID

=FL                                       Line-type

=FO                                      Object

=FS                                       Status

=FV                                      View-point

=L                          Linetype

=K                          thicKness

=TK                       ThicKness

=N                         AutoCAD SNAP command

=OM                      AutoCAD Osmode

=O                        Offset distance (not yet implemented)

=OD                      OffsetDist

=R                         Rotation (error)

=S . . .                  Select (DDSELECT, pickfirst & pickstyle) (not yet implemented)

=$                        AutoCAD STYLE

=T                        ACADUI Text settings

=TS                      AutoCAD TEXTSIZE

=T$                      ACADUI $tyle

=TP                                      Plotted size

=TJ                                       Justification

=TL                                       Leader

=TR                                      Rotation

=TS                                       Size

=T$                                      $tyle

=TY                                      laYer

=T.<<                                   pick to copy (error)

=T.>>                                   pick to show (error)

=U                         Units

=V                         set AutoCAD or ACADUI variables

=VP                       Personal user variables.???

=VS                       reload standard ACADUI user variables ???

=W                        AutoCAD PLINEWID

=PW                      AutoCAD PLINEWID

=CEC                     CEColor

=CEL                     CELtype

=L%                       Lts%cale

=MT                      MirrText

=ON                      Osnap    (avoid using)

=OR                      ORthomode

=PSL%                  PSLTSCALE