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Terms of Use:

AutoCAD, Autolisp, Intellicad or any other program that ACADUI may access or work with are the copyright of those organisations.  Separate arrangements must be made for the legal use of those programs.


ACADUI is not Freeware or Shareware.  It is the product of thirty years personal experience and almost as long programming and testing. I trust in your sense of fair-play not to misuse or distribute ACADUI.

ACADUI, the program code, the concepts, descriptions and Articles and all other material on this web site are the Copyright of the author and may not be used, reproduced or distributed without written approval.

AutoCAD and Autolisp are the property of Autodesk and their mention on this web site gives no authority for their use.

For an introductory period ACADUI is offered at the rate of $1.00 per week.  You may purchase a license for as long as you wish at this rate but once Beta testing is completed new purchases will be charged at a higher commercial rate to be determined.  You may TRIAL ACADUI for five weeks for a nominal fee of $5.00 that pays for the website and a small service cost.  After your trial period if no further payment is received you have no further rights to use ACADUI or access future updates or bug fixes.  Alternatively you may for a limited period apply to become a Beta tester and receive free use of ACADUI for twelve months and reduced charges thereafter.


AutoCAD and Autolisp are not the property of, nor are they within my control.  I can therefore not give any assurances of their continued availability or usability nor can I control changes from version to version.  Thus  while I will attempt to adjust ACADUI for changes in AutoCAD and Autolisp as quickly as possible I cannot provide a warranty as to how quickly or as to their continued usability in the event of such changes.

ACADUI may from time to time be improved, updated or otherwise altered.  Any such changes will as far as is practicable seek to preserve the operational characteristics previously provided, however, no warranty is offered in this regard.  CADUSERINTERFACE.COM provides no warranties as to the continuation of support for ACADUI, AutoCAD or Intellicad but if support ceases you retain the right to continue using ACADUI in the condition supplied with no further charge.

The author provides no warranties of any kind whatsoever for any material including but not limited to ACADUI and accepts no liability for direct or consequential loss of any kind.

Beta Testers Wanted:

This is the first public release of ACADUI so I am seeking a small number of testers willing to report errors and make suggestions for improvement on an organised basis.    ACADUI will be available FREE to the first ten approved applicants wishing to undertake testing and reporting as part of a program to improve ACADUI.  If you wish to apply click on Software Request and indicate your interest explaining why you think you will be a suitable tester.

By requesting a copy of ACADUI for in-service testing the tester agrees to provide testing in return for the waiver of the license fee that would otherwise apply.  The tester also agrees not to distribute by any means the software, descriptions or ideas that form part of ACADUI and to undertake to the best of their ability to protect the products from distribution.

The tester agrees that all suggestions become the copyright and property of ACADUI and agrees to provide regular comments and advice on defects and shortcomings and provide suggestions for improvement.