Water Street - example Overlay

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A multi-storey example of overlay-drafting:

Further example of how Workzones and overlay-drafting aid efficient drafting and  compact drawing files.

  • Test the ACADUI command LR.
  • See how overlay-drafting works

Open the file \ACADUI\DWGS\Water St.dwg

F11 - Go to Tilemode 0, 

L* - Turn on and thaw al layers, 

ZE - Zoom Extents to see how many plotted files are accommodated in one file.  








F11 – Go to Modelspace,

ZE – Zoom Extents to see all of the data revealed at one time.



LR GP01  - to see just one floor plan.



Look at the list of ViewPOrt layers below, notice the last six characters of each layer name.  These are the LR options to reveal all of the different views.  If you are opening an unfamiliar drawing these Viewport layers may be seen by using the ACADUI command QZ Query workZones.



Or by using the AutoCAD layer dialogue box `L.